The Hunter’s Life

THLThe Hunter’s Life (aka THL) is a place where people can enter and interact with like-minded people with an expectation of pleasant conversation and exchange of ideas. THL will constrain people in the way they speak, but only in the context of civility and common sense. EVERYONE should feel uninhibited in expressing their viewpoints without fear of condemnation or reproach as long as they maintain an air of open-mindedness and congeniality. Public ridicule of members of THL will not be permitted.

Criticism and ridicule of ALL elected and appointed government officials is allowed within the confines of good taste. This is part an parcel of being American and THL considers criticism of public officials “healthy” AS LONG AS the critical language does not violate THL’s language policy.

THL is an “American” site. By that, it is meant that it “resides” in the US, its owner is American, and the majority of its members are American. That said, the non-American members of THL are not only welcomed, they are sincerely appreciated. IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that EACH of us is sensitive to offending members of another nationality, including the US. By that it is meant specifically that members are NOT to:

1) Criticize the hunters and fishermen of other countries for the actions of the politicians of that country.
2) Criticize the legal hunting and fishing practices and methods and means of other countries.

A ‘close eye’ will be kept on any thread in which criticism of a nation’s politics or politicians is initiated by a member that is NOT of that nationality. In other words; “I can kick my dog any time I feel like it, but if you kick my dog, fists are gonna fly”.

Simply put, be respectful. Remember that we American members of THL are not responsible for the actions of the president and his administration. Neither are the members of THL from other countries responsible for the actions of their politicians.

All public figures – authors, actors, nationally and locally renowned figures – those that put themselves on TV, radio, the Internet, published books or magazines, are “fair game” for criticism and ridicule. They have chosen to be a “public figure” and they must put up with the criticism of the public.

Personal criticism of members of THL is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If “you” feel the need to “have at it” with a member of THL, YOU MUST CONDUCT THIS ACTIVITY AWAY FROM THL. There is a “zero-tolerance” policy with regard to criticism of members of THL on the THL website.

THL is a “family friendly” site. Text or images designed to direct attention to male/female sexuality or biological functions will be looked at and edited if deemed to be of a prurient nature. As a family forum, adults are supposed to represent role models for young folks, both as adults and as hunters.

THL is primarily a sanctuary where one can come and feel like they are visiting the living room of a dear friend. THL is a place to lose stress, not find it.