Quarter-rib and Scope Are Mounted

I got up early to call the east coast (where Numrich is) and got the order modified to take the ridiculously-priced screws off the order. Hopefully they will keep the rest of the order intact. I stopped by Fastenal and got the “cheap” screws. With them in hand, I drilled and tapped (8-32, not 8-36) the barrel for the quarter-rib, and ground the Fastenal screws to the proper length. (I would have had to do grind the “Factory” screws to length as well.) Since I don’t have an extra set of Ruger rings, I took the rings and scope off of my No. 1 chambered in .308 Win. The scope and rings installed without need for adjustment on the No.2, and the scope ‘comes to eye’ perfectly. I am going to get some 30mm Ruger rings, and put a Mueller 8-32x scope, (with 30mm tube), on this rifle and return this scope and rings back to the rifle from which it came.

Next comes shooting the rifle primarily for function. I’ll start on making the stock soon. After the stock is made, I’ll work seriously on load development.

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