Making the Stock for the .416 Ruger No. 2 – Post 5

I have finished (at least for now) the persimmon forearm. I’m pleased with it. Some of you may find the schnabel more ‘robust’ than you like. I gave this considerable thought, and the shape is the way I like it, like I said, at least for now. The birch forearm is a little too much like a spear; too pointed for my taste. Not much, but a little. I wanted something less spear-like and a bit ‘beefier’. This rifle is a .416. If it were a .22 or mabye a .24, a ‘splinter’ would be more proportional, but given the caliber, I did’t want ‘delicate’ as the gestalt.

I forgot to take pictures of the “whole” rifle from the left side. I’ll get those later and post them.

Here’s a picture of the three tips: Factory, birch, and persimmon

You can see that there really isn’t too much difference from the side. There is more ‘beef’ when viewed from the end.

Here are pictures of the whole forearms, left and right sides.









































I’m looking forward to having the birch and persimmon butts on, but I’m not looking forward to actually performing the work.

I’m also thinking seriously about putting a front ramp on the barrel and using open sights. This rifle looks really sleek without the scope. We’ll see how things look after the birch butt is installed.


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