Making the Stock for the .416 Ruger No. 2 – Post 4

It’s been ‘a day or two’ since I posted any new content here, but there have been ‘extenuating circumstances’, not all of which have subsided. Nevertheless, there has been some progress, and I thought I should post at least some preliminary pictures of that progress.

These pictures are of the preliminary shaping. This first one, the left side:




This one of the bottom:




And this one of the right side:




The black heartwood you see on the right side is “weak”, and the large piece (lower left in the above photo), has a crack in it that persists into the internal cavity. I am planning to fill that with black epoxy to stabilize it before I do any more shaping.

After this forearm is finished, I’ll have to start working on the butt(s). I think those are going to be a real challenge to get the angles right. We’ll see.


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