Making the Stock for the .416 Ruger No. 2 – Post 3

I haven’t posted on the forearm shaping for a bit. It’s tough (for me anyway) to take pictures and “do”. Most of the ‘doing’ is pretty boring anyway. Regardless, While I still have a lot left to do, I thought I’d post some pictures and solicit [I]comments[/I], NOT praise. This is the birch, practice forearm. I’ve got a little more shaping to do on it. I’m not finished with the schnable shaping and there is some fine tuning on the main body. There’s a bit of ‘belly’ that I’m not too fond of, but there isn’t a lot I can do about it. The attachment screw is right where that belly starts, and because of the inletting for the hanger I can’t really thin that out any more and have any substantive “meat” for the screw head to seat against. So in large part, what you see is close to the final shape.

This first image is just the “side view”. It’s tough to get lighting ‘right’ on wood. Especially, pieces that contrast as much as the birch and black and white ebony.

Here’s the “bottom view”. I forgot to take a “top view”. I’ll get that when it’s finished.

Here’s the first attempt to show the “flame” of the birch. It will look good when it has been stained and finished.

Here is an attempt to show the flame a little more.

I’ll finish fine tuning the shaping, sand to probably no finer than 320, (but I might go to 400 on the ebony), then seal the grain with shellac, stain (probably something like “pecan”), and then finish with Linspeed or Birchwood Casey’s stock finish.



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