Flowers On My Deck – Poppies

I’ll start with the poppies, as I like poppies and this is the first year I have tried to grow them. These plants are from seeds collected from a plant that my daughter found growing wild alongside the road to our house. I waited for the plant to ripen, collected the seeds, and stored them in a small vial. That was two years ago.

This spring I decided to try to germinate some of those seeds. If they germinated, I would plant them ‘with abandon’ around my property. Not only did they germinate, they grew with enthusiasm!

The following is a sequence in time of their blossoming to date. This first picture is just prior to the first blossomcoming out.





















Here is that first blossom:


Here is the plant on the day after the first blossom came out. (“Day two”.) The first blossom is not on the tallest on the plants, rather it is the one nearest the camera.





















I thought I got a picture of the plant on the second day after the first blossom (Day three), but apparently I just thought about taking the picture instead of actually taking it. Here is the plant on day four.




















As you can see, they are producing a flower per day.

Since the flowers were produced one per day, today on ‘day four’, I can take a sequence that shows the progression of development of the flower from the day before the first day of flowering through the fourth.




















Notice the development of the seed head on a daily basis. There is significant change with every passing 24 hours.

The next batch of flowers aren’t particularly ‘sequential’, as the other species aren’t as predictable as the poppies have been.


PS – Look what I found! A picture of the progenitor of the above plants!





















As you can see, this plant had to work hard to produce that one flower in the poor roadside soil. The three plants on my deck are in a relatively small planter, but they have been planted in good soil and fertilized. The original produced one flower. Each of the plants on the deck have at least 5 buds each.


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