Drilling and Tapping Ruger No. 2 For Quarter-rib

I finished modifying the quarter-rib and so it’s on to drilling and tapping the barrel for attaching it. Here are some pictures of the set-up using the Forster D&T jig.

In the following two pictures, you can see the barreled action in the jig setting on the table of my mill.

In this next picture, you see the drilling guide with the locating pin in one of the holes, and the point of the pin in the most distal hole in the quarter-rib. So located, the mill head with the appropriate drill inserted, can be positioned exactly in the proper “x” (left & right) and “y” (in & out of bellybutton) position. When I actually drill the holes, I’ll show a picture of the drill guide bushing that replaces the locating pin.

There was considerable time spent leveling and finding the center of the whole affair. I am REALLY glad I told Pac-Nor to make the barrel a uniform diameter from just in front of the fore arm to the muzzle. That meant I could put a precise digital level on the barrel and level the entire assembly. Here is a close-up of one of the barrel clamps.

And here is a close-up of the hold-down for the jig.

That’s the “good news”…

I decided that I should probably order the screws so that when I’m finished drilling and tappiing the barrel, I can actually install the quarter-rib. I went back to Brownell’s for the screws. They only have one (at $3 EACH!). Hmm… I went to MidwayUSA (which I do not now patronize), and they have only one. (Theirs are $2 EACH!) I started looking around and remembered Numrich. They have them, and have more than one. Yay! ONLY $4.45 EACH! I looked around some more, didn’t find any quickly, and since I had to order some more pieces (fore arm attachment screw and escutcheon, and butt bolt and washer), I went ahead and bought the $4.45 EACH screws too. Of course right after I placed the order, I remembered Fastenal. (There is a Fastenal store fairly close to my house.) They say (online) that they have them in stock in the local store. Unfortunately, they’re not open on weekends. So first thing Monday morning, I’m going to call Numrich and cancell the screw part of my order. Oh yeah, the ones at Fastenal – EXACTLY THE SAME SCREW- are 21 CENTS apiece! That happens to be more than a 2 THOUSAND PERCENT MARKUP by Numrich!

Finally, since I am not buying “factory” screws, the thread pitch becomes something to note. Some places say the pitch is 8-32, and some say it’s 8-36. Of course neither Numrich, MidwayUSA, or Brownells states the pitch of their “factory” screws. I can tap for either pitch, but I want to know what it is so I get comparable ones at Fastenal.


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